PDF Shrink Version 4

PDF Shrink is a must-have for consumers and small businesses that need to produce PDFs at a quality and file size appropriate for use with smartphones, on the Web, as email attachments, or for onscreen reading.

PDF Shrink reduces the size of PDF files created by practically any application.

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Available for Mac OS X (10.8 and later) and Windows (7/8/10/Server).

PDF Shrink makes it easy to optimize PDF files. Simply drag and drop a single PDF file, or a group of PDFs, onto one of the settings. PDF Shrink analyzes the PDF(s) and identifies elements that can be optimized, often without changing the quality of the images. The software can remove embedded fonts and delete unused elements, including metadata, thumbnails, and duplicate data. You can also secure your PDF with a password controlling how your PDF can be used. Keeping up with the latest release is also easy with PDF Shrink's auto update feature.

Upgrades from previous version of PDF Shrink Current owners of PDF Shrink 4 can download the latest version for Mac OS X for free. You can download the upgrade by clicking here.

The cost to upgrade to the latest version for Mac OS X from PDF Shrink 3 or earlier versions is $14. To purchase the upgrade, please locate your serial number and the email address of the registered user and visit the upgrade center at http://www.apago.com/upgrade.

Availability All orders will be filled in minutes by email. If physical media is requested, those orders are usually filled within one business day.

PDF Shrink

PDF Shrink Site LicenseLicense for unlimited users based at one single location.

PDF Shrink Site License
PDF Shrink Enterprise LicenseLicense for unlimited users for a single corporation or enterprise worldwide.

PDF Shrink Enterprise License